Manage print jobs
and data for product identification like
never before

Perfectly tailored to each user role

IT Department/
Global IT managers
Production managers
& operators
Product, quality &
compliance management
Automation and
Digitalization manager
Corporate interface
As a centralized system, manage.ID acts as an interface between all company systems.
One system for everything
manage.ID is vendor-independent and supports all production hardware. As part of the enterprise systems, the software connects all devices in all factories of a company.
Maximum transparency
An overall status overview across the production line, including logging and transmission of historical data, guarantees complete traceability and transparency.
Brand and technology independent
manage.ID supports all production devices, regardless of brand and technology.
Easy to set up
The drag & drop feature makes it super easy to set up a workflow that matches the production process, roles and responsibilities.
Everything in view
manage.ID provides an overall view of production at all times.
Easy handling of production orders
manage.ID offers the possibility to prepare production orders and assign them to different production lines. Also the transfer from production to warehouse and adding or exchanging production equipment becomes child's play with manage.ID.
Data import and maintenance
manage.ID is able to import data from various other systems, maintain it in a data management tool and make it available for production.
Layout creation
The creation or adaptation of layouts and their linking with the correct data is also easily possible in manage.ID.
Effectively manage product recalls
Product recalls can become a real challenge when you don't know exactly where the product is. Supporting traceability and enabling rapid identification of associated product lines manage.ID. enables a quick product elimination in case of a recall.
Quality assurance
By simply adding barcode scanners, barcode readability can be ensured.
Product traceability
World-class traceability makes it quick and easy to verify that the right products go into the right cartons and end up on the right pallet.
With manage.ID you eliminate the risk of expensive recalls and fines caused by labeling errors. Our adaptable labeling process enables you to stay compliant with international regulations in a timely manner.
Simple process management

Simplification of processes through a central system instead of various smaller systems.

Automation of processes through interfaces to other systems (ERP/MES) or devices (PLC, I/O cards).
Elimination of paper trail and reduction of manual work thanks to digital protocols and approvals.

    manage.ID in the IT world

    manage ID centralizes and maintains all data related to product identification in a centralized database.

    The software gathers data from the customer's IT environment, such as an ERP or MES system or a designated database, consolidates it, and distributes it to all identification-linked devices.


    manage.ID in production environments

    An efficient line control system can improve quality, reduce costs, and enable continuous improvement in production output. Manage.ID automates coding and printing processes to minimize inaccuracies, ensure consistency and compliance, and increase efficiency in every phase of production. With drag-and-drop functionality and a wide range of widgets, the software is more user-friendly than ever before.


    We offer solutions for

    Quality control

    Data management


    Traceability & Aggregation

    Ensuring accuracy in product identification

    With manage.ID, you can ensure the quality and consistency of product identification. The software captures all data directly at the source, is able to link all product identification devices on the production line, and ensures that all relevant information, such as expiration date or batch number, is identical on all product levels.

    Connecting data sources for seamless product identification

    Manage.ID bundles all the data required for product identification (product and production data) coming from a wide variety of systems into a single truth source and makes them available for printing. During the printing process, the software then connects the correct layout to the correct data.

    Integrating product identification into complex production setups

    Integrating product identification into existing production environments requires many parties and interfaces. With manage.ID, we bring structure to this complex process and advise customers on how to integrate product identification most efficiently.

    Aggregating production layers in primary, secondary and tertiary

    Manage.ID is able to link the primary, secondary, and tertiary product packaging layers for total transparency and traceability throughout production.

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